My maturity as an artist, in design, technique and finished quality, has taken root. My inner vision and my finished work are now as one. My unique filter of the world I live in is the engine of my expression.

The designs I create use strong minimalist lines as well as iconic structural profiles. My work is strongly inspired by my ability to deconstruct objects and use their inner architectural skeletal structure. These designs capture a strong feel of motion in structure and mechanical drama. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy imagining and creating them.

Our Happy Customers

I have been acquainted with Michael Alexander and his wonderful creations for many years now, and still seek him out when I am in the market for something unique, beautiful and of the very highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.  My wife and I have always been thrilled with the pieces he has crafted especially for us, whether as a result of orders placed at one of the major craft shows in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, or at his studio in Manhattan.  We have referred family and friends to him often and will continue to tout a Michael Alexander design as the one to have as a lasting treasure, or to give when the mundane and usual just will not do.

Rick Blair

Ten years ago, I bought my first Michael Alexander piece. When I found out he was having a studio sale, I decided to make a day of it and take a trip into the city to visit his studio. BUT instead of getting a sale piece, Michael guided me through designing a brand new ring!!! The whole exciting process, from Michael’s quick responses to my unending emails to receiving the finished piece ahead of schedule, was a complete pleasure! Michael’s work ethic is just as masterful as his craft. Needless to say, I am a big fan!!!

Darby Wasserman

Michael is one of the most original and talented jewelry designers I have come across. I bought Cindy some beautiful earrings that are most certainly one of a kind!!

Herve Kopciak

One of only two places we would ever buy jewelry. Between my husband and myself, we have at least 6 pieces of Michael’s timeless works of art. And Michael and Andrea are awesome to work with.

Mrs. Helenburg

After 35 years of marriage, I wanted a new ring and Michael was the one to go to. I had bought a number of pieces from him over the years but never anything of this magnitude. WOW is all I can say and all that anybody else says when they see it. It turned out spectacular as did the wedding band to go with it. When I want something special, Michael is the only one I’ll go to. Thank you!

Candy Frankel

Your rings are absolutely stunning.  I have never seen such a marvelous collection with bold and innovative designs.  They are breathtaking. I am not a jeweler, nor a collector, nor someone with lots of money.  But, I believe I have a good “eye” for awesome jewelry, and you are making it!


His designs are architectural without being overdone — exquisite forms that are absolutely wearable. The thing is – when you wear a Michael Alexander piece you know that you are wearing a work of art, with all processes – stone selection, design creation, crafting – done by Michael

Joyce Saadi

I love my ring. It was very nice of you to send us a written thank you – it means a lot.


I hope you take the time today to appreciate your gift to all of us that are fortunate enough to own your artwork and have the opportunity to wear this artwork and consequently share it with those we meet. Most artwork is hanging in a home only for those who visit to see. Your exquisite work is a form of traveling art! I am so grateful to have discovered you, own a few cherished pieces of your jewelry and to be able to pass them on for generations to come…if they can ever rip them off my tightly clenched fingers…because I plan on holding on tight!!

Perry Rehm

I mix [my Michael Alexander original] with other band rings and create new ‘rings.’ It is lots of fun. [My Michael Alexander original] has discreet sparkle in its wonderful square setting – I think a masterpiece of modern American jewelry.

David Combs

My sapphire pendant is spectacular! I never expected to wear so many red and yellow hues so well. A lovely combination with the rose gold. Thanks once again for your care and patience to assemble the perfect combination. My newest tourmaline ring is marvelous from EVERY angle; the architecture light and airy, the diamonds dance along the struts, and the tourmaline reflects so much light despite the strong bezel. It will be shown off mercilessly this week and long into the future.

Abby D.

The earrings are beautiful – thank you. And my new rings prompt so many compliments. I always tell my admirers who made them. You are an artist!

Barbara Meredith

I was walking past a booth at Lyndhurst when I noticed the woman behind the counter wearing the most beautiful earrings.  I had to stop and look – and I was hooked.  The woman was Andrea, and the earrings and so many other beautiful things there were designed by her husband, Michael.  Several pairs of earrings, a few rings and a couple of necklaces later, I am still excited to wear each and every piece of Michael’s wonderful creations.  Beautiful, architectural but still feminine, and featuring beautiful gemstones, these are some of my favorite pieces of jewelry in my collection.MB!

Stefanie Pont

The beauty and quality of Michael’s pieces are unparalleled.  He finds exquisite stones and highlights them in amazing settings.  Magical!  I am a longtime customer and will be a lifetime fan.

Debbie Saadi

I’ve been buying Michael’s incredible jewelry for years.  His pieces always get compliments.  In fact, I was wearing a pair of his earrings in Venice where a jeweler turned to me and said, “Ah, Signora, you bought those from a goldsmith.” Thank you, Michael–I love your work!!

Andrea Skerratt

I LOVE my ring. THANK YOU so much. It’s beautiful. I love the way the [yellow] gold pops and yet there is still the silver color. The stone is perfect. The blue is really interesting and different. I love it. It’s what I’ve been looking for.

Cathy Branch Stebbins

For our forthcoming marriage, I desired a man’s wedding ring that communicated our love with an elegant, unique design that reflected our commitment to each other. We first saw Michael Alexander’s work at a leading juried craft show. Michael’s work stood out from among the 30+ other outstanding jewelry craftsmen…we had never seen rings as unique as his. We scheduled a meeting with Michael at his Manhattan studio. We selected a stunning rose gold ring with a rotating ring of white gold and 12 round diamonds. He insisted that he craft the ring as a special order so that it fit perfectly, even though he cautioned that it would take 10 weeks to prepare. The ring was delivered 9 weeks later, exquisitely crafted in every way!!!

Robert Monson

I discovered Michael Alexander jewelry nearly ten years ago under the tents on the lawn of the Saratoga Jazz Festival. I fell in love with a spectacular diamond ring which became the engagement piece my wife wears daily. His work is brash and unique but at also very elegant. His pieces brim with creative passion. Unforgettable! Thank you Michael – and it’s high time for another visit upstate.

Louis Peluso

The design you created for our wedding rings was a stand-out at our ceremony. Your unique blend of originality and understated elegance certainly drew attention. They mean a lot to us and will always be treasured.

Ron and Tom

Michael Alexander is THE BOMB!

Tony Fross

I had visited Michael’s booth at a show in NJ back in the early 2000’s.  While he had some beautiful samples of rings, he actually did not have the combination – sapphire and diamonds – that I wanted.  He gave me an idea of what he could do and somehow I just knew it would be fantastic.  I gave him my money and just a few weeks later the ring arrived at my home.  It was beyond anything I could have wished for – the sapphire was exquisite, the diamonds perfectly sized to complement the sapphire, and the overall setting and look was just amazing.  I have been wearing this ring daily since that time and continue to get compliments on it wherever I go.  And I tell them to check out Michael Alexander – he is the best.

Leslie Stevens

Michael is not only a great artist and craftsman but is also very professional and service oriented. He had to size one of the rings which required removing the stone. I thought it would be a few weeks and he called me 4 days later to say it was ready.

Gretchen D.

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